Hello, my name is Hagit Hollander-Shimoni. I'm a visual artist and designer who loves to create a new experience in spaces. I started my journey as a Visual communication design student and soon became part of other discipliners workshops - Textile design, Product design & Interior design. While I studied at Bauhaus university in Germany, I realised that Corporate design defines what I love to do, that way I can connect between branding concept, graphic elements and space design. Few years later I studied Traditional Feng Shui and I find it as a very powerful philosophic and practice that I combined with my knowledge to create a new atmosphere and unique experience in spaces.
All from my studio at Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Thank you!
Space design – indoor, outdoor & online | Feng Shui planning & consulting | Biophilic design | Experience design | Exhibition design | Signage & Way-finding | Interior design & Styling | Art direction | Consultancy Brand & Identity | Brand strategy | Graphic design | Print & web design | Presentation design

2020 - forward. "Visual Prayer", Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany (permanent exhibition)
2016 - forward. "Ani Ma'amun", Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Poland (permanent exhibition)
2012. Museum of Erez Israel, Tel Aviv, “Memories from the Zoo” exhibition
2011. Beit Avi Chai, Jerusalem, "No Content", Web exhibition
2010. Beit Avi Chai, Poetry festival, Jerusalem (solo 
2010. Future Designers Exhibition, Tel Aviv
2009 - 2010. Beit Hatfutzot museum, "Judaica twist" exhibition, Tel Aviv

Awards & Recognition
"Hotel Design 7", Zanzibar hotel
"Europrix Multimedia awards 09", quality seal, 2009
"Chatach Azahav 2010", 1st place
"Designed in Israel", Beehave, 2009
"Designed in Israel", Visual Prayer, 2010
"Eretz magazine", Artist interview, 2010
"Globes", Breaking the Tradition, 2009
"Haharetz/Gallery", Chosen as one of the leading visual communication design artists, 2009

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