Hello, my name is Hagit Hollander-Shimoni. 
I'm a Multidisciplinary artist specializing in strategy and space design with a broad and holistic observation in planning an experience in spaces, buildings and the environment. 
I started my journey as a BA communication design student in HIT (Israel) and HFG (Germany) and soon became part of other discipliners workshops - Textile design, Product design & Interior design. 
I drives space and experience design & consulting processes, combining art, spirit and design strategies for public and business in Israel and around the world.
Married with Ben and mother of 4 children, lives and creates in Ramat E'fal. 

2024 "Text & Textile", Pop up exhibition at YAARA, Open Studio at Jaffa
2023 "Organic Nation", "When every exhibition become memorial", #artistsstandwithisrael exhibition, Israel and Italy
2023 "Organic Nation", exhibit as part of "Hatikva" singing in a rally against anti-Semitism and for Israel, Italy
2020 forward "Visual Prayer", Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany (permanent exhibition)
2016 forward "Ani Ma'amin", Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Poland (permanent exhibition)
2012 Museum of Erez Israel, Tel Aviv, “Memories from the Zoo” exhibition
2011 Beit Avi Chai, Jerusalem, "No Content", Web exhibition
2010 Beit Avi Chai, Poetry festival, Jerusalem (solo 
2010 Future Designers Exhibition, Tel Aviv
2009-2010 Beit Hatfutzot museum, "Judaica twist" exhibition, Tel Aviv

Awards & Recognition
The wall street journal Visual Prayer 
Hotel Design 7 Zanzibar hotel
Europrix Multimedia awards 09 quality seal
Chatach Azahav 2010 1st place
Designed in Israel Beehave
Designed in Israel Visual Prayer
Eretz magazine Artist interview
Globes Breaking the Tradition
Haharetz/Gallery Chosen as one of the leading visual design artist in Israel 

Spatial & Space Design
Experience Design
Typographic Art
Art Direction
Content Development
Wayfinding & Signage
Analysis of motion in space
Planning & Production
Traditional Feng Shui
Interior Design
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