"Organic Nation", it's a video installation in which the concept concerns the relationship between the individual Jew and the Jewish nation. The Israeli national anthem "Ha Tikva," is explored in visual and typographical dimensions. The connection between biological metaphors and nature relate to humanity. 

A person's identity is based on past memories and thoughts on the future. The past includes the tradition, culture, memory and myth to which a person is born into. The future holds the hope that a better day will come. The Organic Nation brings us back to our initial place. A place where the energies connect the individuals to form a unified web in which everything joins and unites into molecules, cells, organs, elevated infinite entity. According to this concept, the man is an atom, the community to which he belongs is a molecule that binds to other molecules and creates a nation that is a cell. The nation, a natural organic unit, represents the large complicated family structure. For this structure to be successful there needs to be a positive influence of solidarity, love and mutual responsibilities.
The strength of a nation is first and foremost measured by the national sentiment that beats in the heart of each individual who belongs to it. The stronger the ties between the individuals, the stronger the nation's strength. Over the years, the Jewish nation has suffered many blows that have separated and reconnected its units to their communities in Israel and the Diaspora. Today, more than ever, it is of utmost importance to create a common Jewish infrastructure and to communicate in a cross-cultural language that will connect the various communities to the entire nation, and from there to humanity and the entire world. And this, believing in the common denominator of all of us, and without fostering the differences that exist in our sub-identities on religious, religious, political, and more.
On my way to finding unity, I examined the relationship between Judaism and Zionism, choosing the anthem as a national emotional symbol, the interplay between heart and brain, the connection between individual and many to create an organic nation, and analyzing the importance of the heart as the spiritual center of man in different cultures.
The combination of the visual and vocal dimension will enable the myth to be reinterpreted, not only in the observer's mind but also in his heart and cells. The myth will combine the effect of the existing emotional connection with the anthem singing to our thoughts, combined with individual and collective memories and desires that will empower and enhance the sense of belonging and affinity that person feels as part of the Jewish nation.
The hope will connect between the individuals and create one strong and whole body. 

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